10. Fistful of Feathers

Brave brothers, raise your banners high
And brush the blood from out your eyes
Don't dare the dawn to break
Shed light on this mistake

We mustn't grieve for those who die
A thousand lights lost from the sky
Don't wish away the night
Nightmares by morning's light

Oh no, oh no
Stack up the caskets, buckets and baskets
Oh no, oh no
Martyrs in masks
But we still feel the same

Build it up high, the bodies fall faster faster
Never know, all in all what comes after
Praying today we will call "last disaster"
Build it up high, the bodies fall
We still feel the same

Grave robbers wait while mothers weep
To desecrate as sentries sleep
Bold, bloodless, bid farewell
Brass buttons, boots and shells

Valorous, vanquished visage leers
Violet veins of volunteers
Myrmidons motionless
Godspeed to hell's abyss

A fistful of feathers you could not hold onto
Dreaming forever but never to come to
Believing together we'll weather the storm through
Leave this endeavor, wherever we'll run to

Build it up high
The bodies fall today (faster, faster)
And all in all we pray (last disaster)
That we will call today (what comes after)
We still feel the same