3. Premonition

Like a bad seed, missed your trial
Light one up before your execution
Firing squad arrives in single file
Wish you had a chance to take it back

You're the leader of this insurrection
Looking for a place to lay your arms down
See your followers have lost direction
Now they're waiting for your head to fall

I've got a premonition of when you buried me
A man on a mission
I've got a premonition

Don't take this personally
Don't you ever try to take it back
Don't look like a star-crossed fighter
Because your mind is falling down
You're falling off the track

Don't take this personally
Now you're looking like you hit the wall
Now you drop down on your knees
While they're waiting for your head to fall

I'm living every day like my last
I'm feeling hours alone as they pass
The damage done, the time is lost
Can you imagine what it cost?